Thursday, November 09, 2006

Somebody slap that woman!

I have just finished reading the arrogant and condescending letter by the equally arrogant Mary Brooks. (BOP Times Nov 9). Two sayings spring to mind after reading her diatribe. One is "The pot calling the kettle black!" Brooks calling Mr Ogle a philistine is a bit rich seeing as it is she who wishes to use the most uncivilised action known to man - the use of "force" - upon those who do not share her view. The second is "those in glass houses should not throw stones!" Brooks is the philistine, as Mr Ogle simply wishes to mind his own business without the likes of Brook threatening him with fines and imprisonment should he refuse to meet her demands (ie that he be forced to pay towards the museum she would force upon him.) Once again the community is split - those who covet the property of others and those who would mind their own business. Once again it is our mindless councillors who can think [sic] of no alternative to the use of force, that put the community into this position. Hire out the artifacts to a private mueum, and get a return for them instead of “paying” storage fees and forcing ratepayers into paying another $25 million off for the rest of their lives.
Once again the touters of compulsion have it wrong! The question that SHOULD be asked is NOT "Do we want a museum, but should it be a RATEPAYER FUNDED, COUNCIL RUN museum. The answer to do we want a museum is YES! It is the COUNCIL RUN, RATEPAYER FUNDED bit that is WRONG and IMMORAL, along with the heathens and phillistines that would FORCE us to be CIVILISED and have a museum! Now there is an example of an oxymoron for you!


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