Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thieves, Dictators and Communists

I just had this letter published in the BOP Times (snide remarks to the editor-and-all!)

There is a major lawsuit happening in this country at the moment where the leader of the Libertarianz (oops - there's that word you don't like to print!) is suing the prime minister, and members of the Labour party over misappropriation of funds, and I was wondering why there is no mention of THIS fact in the Bay of Plenty Times?

The prime minister is bleating about there being some right wing conspiracy happening, and where are the Libertarianz getting the money from to fund this lawsuit. Well, I would like to inform your readers (seeing as you are not!) that first of all that Libertarianz are as opposed to the principle-less politics of the theiving left wing as they are to the unprincipled, theiving politics of the right, and are in no way in cahoots with either, and it is about time our so-called leader understood this simple fact.

Second (and most importantly) the funds for the Libertarianz lawsuit have been "given - donated" FREELY by members of the public - whereas the money Labour used to fund the pledge card was STOLEN.

In a democracy the PEOPLE elect the Parliament, and the Parliament decides how the money should be spent.

This is one of the major diferences between US and communist countries.

In a DICTATORSHIP the government does WHATEVER IT LIKES and ignores the wishes of the people and Parliament.

Labour needs to decide which system it prefers - not that they haven't made it quite clear!


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