Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Looks like Racism, Smells Like Racism - Hhhmmm - I wonder what it could be
Recently Environment Bay Of Plenty were advertising that they have several COMPULSORY MAORI SEATS to fill on their board.

Here is my letter concerning this issue.
If I were a member of a specific cultural group that was targeted, and

given special treatment because we were not intelligent enough or not
skilled enough to achieve a certain position in politics or the arts or
local government, I would be incensed!

If I was interested in achieving
that position, I would go all out to prove to those patronising creeps that I "am" intelligent enough, and that I "do" have the skills.
believe that environment BOP "GIVING" seats to Maori - the only
qualification required being they have a certain skin colour and not
the capacity to use their BRAIN is a terrible injustice to the Maori
Environment BOP, and all the other politically correct

bureaucrats should cease this demeaning, racist, separatist practice
immediately. Offer a full apology to all New Zealanders, and re-offer
these seats up to be competed for on "merit."

Maori are proud,
intelligent people who do not need, and should not be given
preferential treatment. This is a slurr on our society, and I am
ashamed of the perpetrators of such mindless racism.


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