Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mr Izett - A pacifist with a penchant to KILL

There is a man in Tauranga that regularly writes letters to the local newspapers. His name is Mr Izett.
I first encountered Mr Izett about 20 years ago way way before I became interested inpolitics, and way before I understood them.

I had a band, and on our posters was the statement:
No Synthesizers, Gender Benders, Poofs or Posers.

Mr Izett wrote to the editor, complaining about them. He also complained about a cartoon sign of a woman - kind of American Graffiti era - 50s, that was showing her knickers.
I wrote a letter in reply - My very first letter to the editor.

Some 20 years later I noticed him again, this time calling for the government to ban boxing, because it is brutal, and he does not like it, so therefore it should be banned!

I wrote in reply to this, and we had an exchange of several letters. Me basically telling him to mind his own business, and if he didnt like boxing, then dont do it, but don't try to stop others enjoying it - after all, they participate of their own free will.

Then again some months later, he wrote a letter saying that all motorsports should be banned, because they waste fuel, and he doesn't like it.
Another letter followed shortly demanding smoking be banned! Why? - You guessed it - because he doesn't like it!

This man is a tyrant. He doesn't understand that calling for a ban on things that HE doesn't like, is an imposition on the rights and lives of other people to enjoy things that THEY like, and that they should be entitled to do them, so long as they dont force them upon other people, or prove to be a danger or threat to others.

In our latest exchange, Mr Izett writes calling for the government to re-introduce the death penalty.

I replied to him saying that there are other ways to punish criminals other than calling for the state to MURDER them. Here is my letter:

Just because they used "force" in the good old days doesn't make it
right! Mr Salt seeks to deny the FACT that the most uncivilised thing
one human being can do to another is use force upon him/them. I believe
it is Mr Salt that has some explaining to do! Much of what he says is
true, however, he negates the FACTS by trying to justify the state
"murdering people! Is this not a tad hypocritical when one of the ten
commandments, quite clearly states “thou shalt not kill!"
The soil of the earth is sodden with the blood of soldiers of one
religion or another, and he calls that civilised society! The New
Zealand of the good old days is dead and gone, not due to lack of
religious practices, but by the interference of government in the lives
of its citizens, by taking away personal responsibility, and replacing
it with the welfare state it has incrementally destroyed family,
extended family, and respect for others, and destroyed community spirit
completely - we don't have to care for our fellow man anymore - the
state does it for us! The welfare state, just like communism, was an
idea, based upon trying to help those less fortunate, but human nature
being what it is, has seen these ideas backfire, leaving the ugly,
uncaring society we have today. We have had almost a century of the
welfare state now - how much worse do things have to get before people
realise its time for a change – Hell, even the communists realise what
a crap idea it was now!
There used to be a time when everybody believed in God, and feared the
church - that time was known as "the dark ages!"

Mr Izett didn't like this idea, and accused me of being a hawk, waiting to swoop upon him every time he writes something.
He also said in his latest letter that he was an atheist, and a pacifist.

Here is my LATEST reply to him.

There are too many people out there with the misguided belief that they have the right to dictate what other individuals may or may not do with their life, body or posessions, that I am not for one waking moment prepared to sit back and "take like a man" the unprincipled, thoughtless claptrap the likes of Mr Izett would force upon me.

Contrary to what Mr Izett thinks (sic) I do not just pick on him because he has a funny name, or wears a funny hat! I reply to letters writen by ANYBODY who make immoral, unprincipled, and outrageous statements, and especially when those statements are a direct affront to my life and the freedom of the individual.

For example, Izet states he is an atheist and a pacifist, well, please make up your mind, because your original letter stated that you wanted the government to murder people on your behalf! (re introduce the death penalty.)
Admittedly you did not express the wish to kill the people yourself, but instead call for government to do the dirty work on your behalf, which amounts to EXACTLY THE SAME THING!
Last time I looked, a pacifist was a person who was opposed to such things.
I also am a devout atheist, and a pacifist - I am a champion for the non-initiation of force principle (if you hadn't noticed) - I regularly speak out against those who would force their will upon others - It just so happens Izett is the perpetrator of such an act on a frequent basis. I simply reply in self-defence. Even a REAL pacifist is entitled to defend himself from the words and actions of an aggressor!


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