Sunday, August 13, 2006

Marshall Heating System cranks

I have been in my new house for almost a year now, and have experienced the first real winter. As you can see in the pictures above, we have a high ceiling in the kitchen dining Lounge area, and coupled with the unisulated (but double skinned) clearlite panels on the walls on either side of the house, has proved to be a little difficult to heat - (in fact we froze our tits of!)
I designed a heating system, based upon a Marshall solid fuel water heating system to heat all the bedrooms, but did not include the dining, kitchen , lounge area as we have an open fire which I was relying on to take the chill off the air, but it was hugely unsuccessful, so, in conjunction with my brother, who is an air conditioning and sheet metal ducting engineer, constructed an "add-on"to the existing system, which you can see in the pics above. It isamazing - it is so efficient, I could't hope for anything better.
The air coming out of the 3 down vents in the horizontal pipe is about 56 degrees!
The Vertical pipe in the corner, and the horizontal pipe up at the top ceiling height with the 2 vents in is just a "recirculating" system. It sucks in the hot air that has risen up there, and blows it back down into the lounge (see pic 2 and 3).
The temperature of the room was 21 degrees, and the air coming out of the recirculating fan (pic 2) was 26 degrees.
While this heating system is running, the fire in the Marshall must be cranking also to keep the water temperature up to at least 60 degrees, and it does chew through the firewood, but while we can get this for free, it is the cheapest way of heating a 376sq m home!


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