Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Chardonnay Socialist and a thief

Russell Watkins - a Libertarian friend of mine - just called some ex Tauranga City Councillor a pompous chardonnay socialist,
a lobbyist (I dont know what that means!) and a thief in a letter to the Local newspaper the BOP Times.
The old bint replied saying "take care sir - I dont like being called a thief (chardonnay socialist and pompouse is OK then?) and Im sure my mates at the Mt RSA womens section and the folk in the decorative artists guild wont like it either." (was that a threat?)

Watch out Russell - have you seen the size of some of them bloody knitting needles? - boy are YOU in for it!

Here is my letter in reply

Grandad used to say “Son - when you are at the bottom of a hole it’s good advice to stop digging!” Shame Joye Adams grandfather didn't give her similar advice! Joye has made it quite clear that she’s happy to have a museum at any cost, even if it comes at the expense those who do "not." She does not care a tuppeny tart (her words) about their rights, as long as she gets her way. In regards to not like being called a thief, it’s simple! If you take somebody elses property, or ask somebody else to take it on your behalf, it’s worthy of the title thief.
These are perfect examples of the title chardonnay socialist, and I say (in the words of Bob Marley!) "who the cap fit, let them wear it!"
Democracy can also be a very bad thing! - ask the sheep what "he" thinks of democracy after he and two wolves have had a vote on what to have for dinner!
What would she think of democracy if enough paedophiles got together and voted whether to allow it?
Hitler also had a majority! - Was what he did right?
Democracy is the counting of heads - and NOT their content!
Just because the majority vote for something does not make them right!
Joye Adams is at the bottom of a deep well - somebody please pass her a very long ladder.


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