Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lions do the LAKA!?

OK, that is the serious stuff over with, now here is something a little more lighthearted.This website is taking the piss out of SOMEBODY, and I am not quite sure who it is!
Is it the poms, and the laugh you get at their expense by making them do a funny little dance, or is it the poms taking the piss out of the haka which it could well be, as everybody else seems to be having a go at it just lately!)
Make up your own mind, and go to this website, and choreograph your very own LAKA, and make the British Lions perform it! and have a little fun yourself while you work it out!
Whatever conclusion you come to, you will have a good laugh, and a bit of fun all the same. - Chek it out, its a scream.


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