Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Crime in South Africa

There is enough stuff going on in THIS country to keep a freedom lover like myself on his toes, without worrying about what is going on in other countries, but a South African colleague at work was talking about the high level of crime and murder going on in his old country, and he forwarded me the following website address to have a look, and MY GOD is THAT country in the crap these days, and it doesn't look like there is any easy way out of it either.

Go to this link - Crime Expo South Africa to find out some really scarry stuff, and view some extremely disturbing images of some of the brutality going on over there.

The following is a brief intro from the July Newsletter:

Those among us who are fed up with the horror situation in South Africa, have a right to exchange vital information based on factual evidence.

Those opposing this campaign based on exposure, are fighting a losing battle as statistics regarding violent crime support those who had enough of the current brutality in the country. Even FEDERATED HOSPITALITY OF SOUTH AFRICA (FEDHASA) issued a statement warning that the violent crime situation in South Africa is deteriorating.

The CRIME EXPO SA website now provides ordinary South Africans with a voice in exposing the true situation in the country. The thousands of comments that are being uploaded on our webpage, prove that tourism agencies hide the true picture, as brutality is now becoming part of our defined character as a nation.

Owners of dangerous dogs have a responsibility to warn visitors planning to enter their private space. We as South Africans have a moral responsibility to warn internationals planning to enter our killing fields. Anyone who dares to ignore our undisputed 20 000 annual murder rate, disrespect those who are paying with blood in enabling tourism to thrive.

Kind regards to those who are very supportive to the idea in exposing the truth. We are experiencing overwhelming support, both locally and internationally. This website should be upgraded and updated with the thousands of letters by the end of July. This service belongs to all patriotic South Africans who want to rid the country of an explosive murder rate. Those from abroad extensively use this opportunity to interact with ordinary South Africans, as it is a vital tool in obtaining factual information regarding personal safety and security.

You, the South African public, gave this website a firm mandate to provide you with an opportunity to interact with the international community in exposing the South African brutality. As voting closed on 99% in favour of this campaign of exposure, we hereby pledge to provide the international community with unedited and factual information as provided by ordinary South Africans.


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