Monday, July 17, 2006

Mr Bones. In the Museum. With the Red Tape!

Little jack Horner
Sat in the Corner
Eating his Christmas Pie
He stuck in his thumb
And pulled out a lawnmower
And said . . . "What the F_CK is that doing there!"

The Tauranga City Council (who have for some time now been living in fairytale land) have their dodgy fingers in so many dodgy pies just lately that it is no wonder the stomach's of the ratepayers have been a little upset.

Joye Adams - an ex councillor herself had the following letter published in todays BOP Times. Barely had I read it when an email arrived in my inbox from my partner in crime Billy Bones (aka Russell Watkins) and also sent to the BOP Times editor.
Read Billy Bones's reply straight after Ms Adams.

So, Joye Adams wrote:
It has been interesting reading the letters about whether we (The Council) should or should not pay for a museum. I too have been wavering (oooh, how unusual - TTK) mainly over the cost, but then I thought of all the times ive been to see special exhibitions over the years (mentions half a dozen or so, and a clothing exhibition) both in Auckland and our own Mission House and Baycourt.
This last one was very special as it was some of our own Tga history on display, and I thought of all the local treasures that are packed away and we wont get to see them unless we have a museum.
It has nothing to do with keeping up with anywhere else but with our own Taonga and treasures.

Billy Bones Wrote:
Editor - Joye Adams and others with an opinion about the Art Gallery & Museum et al, argue from a false premise, thereby offering only false alternatives.
The debate is not whether Tauranga has these facilities or not; but whether those that pay for them are victims of the rates-robbery or are willing contributors. Much more annoying though is pompous chardonnay-socialists telling the rest of us that we need more culture of their choosing; at this I'd use an efficient yet awfully philistine expletive (I like that - nice choice of words there - TTK) to tell them where to go - but I digress. While it may be true that such facilities are desirable, it does not give Joye and her mates the right to put their thieving mitts in my pocket to pay for their cultural 'ooing and arhring'. (and I really like that too - TTK) If Joye spent less time lobbying for money that's not hers and more time trying to convince council to strangle themselves in their own red tape (I think he means more time trying to convince like minded people to invest in the museum - then again knowing Mr Bones he probably DOES mean strangling them in their own red tape!), then we may we'll end up with a business friendly & philanthropic city, then Joye may get the gallery and museum that she wants; the moral way that is.


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