Monday, July 17, 2006

Hello, Hello I'm Back Again!

My apologies folks for the lack of action here in the past few weeks. Several factors have kept me from posting and keeping up to date, amongst them a very debilitating virus that had me bedridden for 2 weeks, purchasing a new computer and software, and designing and assembling the biggest bestest-ever edition of The Free Radical magazine (all 72 pages of it) from home. Fortunately I have now made a recovery from the virus, and have started to feel human again, and The Free Radical has been printed and dispatched around the world, so I now have time to brace myself for the next edition, and also get back to work, and attempt to catch up on all my neglected clients. I hope to now continue with my daily posts in the fashion that I began.

Now seeing as I am talking about the Free Radical magazine (did I mention it is the biggest and best edition ever?) I must let you readers know that you are now able to purchase an ONLINE version of it (all thanks to Julian Pistorius) by doing the following:

You can now buy the current issue of The Free Radical as a PDF file that you can download by simply clicking on the link below:

Download it and view it on your computer, or print it out. There are no shipping costs, and if you're impatient, (almost) instant gratification.

This issue is the biggest ever. Find out the full story on how Labour stole the election, and what is being done about it. See here for an overview of the contents:


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