Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stoneage Cure for the Common Cold

My head is throbbing, my nose is running, I feel like I have been run over by a bus, and I'm as grumpy as hell!
Yes, that's right folks I have got my first cold of the year and I feel like sh_t!
On top of all that some snotty-nosed, pimply faced teenager at the pharmacy refuses to sell me some night and day tablets without taking my fingerprints and checking my drivers licence despite the fact my eyes are red, my nose is running, and im sneezing and coughing up lumps of lung all over the counter !
What makes the situation worse is that in this day and age of technology, innovation and medical discovery, we are unable to purchase the best possible drugs to treat the common cold because most pharmacies and chemists shops in the country refuse to stock pseudoephedrine-based cures because they are targeted by criminals and druggies who break in and steal them to manufacture "P"
Why do they steal them? Because they are expensive! Why are they expensive? Because they are illegal
Why do they have to manufacture P? Because the government has made nearly all recreational drugs illegal!
Bloody typical - I get penalised because somebody else wants to take recreational drugs! How does that worK?

Let me tell you!

Because Nanny state has taken responsibility for your health and wellbeing by providing a government run health system, she has the right (supposedly) to tell you, and ENFORCE what you CAN AND CANNOT DO with YOUR OWN BODY.

People should be entitled to do with their own body whatever they wish, so long as they prove no threat or use no force on others, and that they are responsible for the consequences of those actions. That includes taking drugs.

Despite the progress of modern technology and modern medicine, we are being forced to put up with stoneage remedies by stoneage thinking by a bunch of neanderthals in the beehive.

Bring on the Varroa mite I say!


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