Monday, June 05, 2006

DOPE Virus Rampant in NZ

There is a highly contagious disease affecting the people of this country! It is called the DOPE virus!
The DOPE virus - "Desiring Other Peoples Earnings" - makes otherwise intelligent and lucid people delirious to the point of making up wild and inventive stories with little regard to actual facts and reality.

The symptoms of this affliction are that it makes people covetouse of the private property of others! It gives the sufferers a false sense of ownership of things that do not actually belong to them. They know this as a fact, and although visibly they appear to look quite normal, their thoughts and actions are what give them away asl they feel the need to dictate what the rightful owners of the property should or should not do with it. It is a terrible disease with severe symptoms of resentment, jealousy, disregard of individual rights and property which in all cases leads to the theft of cash and private property of otherwise innocent, self-respecting people.
In many cases these people do not actually realise they are suffering from this disease, as it has been indoctrinated into their lives from birth, introduced by socialist, altruist governments in the late 1940s as a helping hand to the unfortunate, but developing into an out of control, all-consuming monster seeking to take responsibility, and do the thinking for everybody in the country because
1. They get paid handsomely to do so, and
2. They know better than you how to spend your money.

It has taken the responsibility from parents for educating their children, making sure they are not taught to think or be responsible for themselves or to strive to achieve excellence in the politically correct environment they have engineered when to just participate and be average is more acceptable.

They have taken away parents responsibility for the health and wellbeing of themselves and their children by promising to fix them up should they ever get sick, no matter what the cause! What you didn't read in the fine print is "when they get around to it! - 3-5 year waiting lists are not uncommon, and just lately they have even taken to throwing people OFF the waiting list in an effort to make the statistics look good!"
(By the way, did you know that we are being deprived of the best medical care available because we are being forced to fund the government run system? If they didn't forcibly take our money from us, we would be able to afford top private medical insurance - FACT!)

It's ok to be obese and feed yourselves and your children only junk food because the government will fix you up if you get sick.

It's OK to smoke and get lung cancer because the government run health system is there to fix you up, even though you KNOW you are doing yourself harm!

It is ok to participate in extreme sports without a second thought of what will happen if you get injured or stranded up a mountain somewhere!

It's OK to have illegitimate children because the government will pay you for being irresponsible, and the more illegitimate children you have, the more your need, so they pay you even more!

It is also OK if you don't want to work because they will pay you an unemployment benefit, or, what has become preferable these days a sickness benefit (it makes the unemployed benefit list look smaller, you get more, and you can get it for longer)

Sufferers of DOPE are frequently heard to demand "what is the government going to do about it," or demand more "government intervention or funding" ( I have SO come to hate the sound of that word - it has come to mean money stolen from people who have actually earnt it, and given to people who believe they have a greater NEED of it), either oblivious of where the government actually gets this money from, or who do not give a damn it has been stolen from others and then given to them because they have been taught that they have a RIGHT to it! (which to be truthfull is more the case).

There is no known quick-fix vaccination for this terrible affliction, but those found suffering from it can be helped with a healthy non-government run education, where large doses of thinking for oneself, and rewards for achievement and excellence are prescribed.

Unfortunately there are 3 entire generations alive with this disease, and not until they understand that it is wrong and immoral to accept stolen goods from the government, and being responsible for themselves and their family are admirable traits, and should be a right, as opposed to a gift from the Government, and that private property is just that.

In the meantime, the rest of us not suffering from this affliction must pay the price.
That of high premiums for a failing health system.
An education system handing out phd's in stupidity, with hordes of underachievers barely able to complete the most basic reading writing and arithmetic.
Entire generations of a family living on handouts.

There is one alternative I guess! - To have the half of your brain removed that has discovered, learnt, and understood these things, and to become just another one of the SHEEPLE!

Just think! (sorry, that would be against the rules wouldn't it!) you would be able to vote LABOUR or JIM ANDERTON FIRST or GREENS, and have no idea that what you are doing is actually the CAUSE of all the problems you want to FIX!
Aaaaaahhhh - ignorance is BLISS


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