Monday, May 29, 2006

How the truth Hurts

It appears PC has got himself in a spot of bother in his colourful description of Slingshots Annette Presley.

It is a sad state of affairs in this country when you are threatened and bullied for writing the truth, yet can say things like "unbundling Telecoms Loop" and get away scott free. Of course anybody with half a braincell knows that "unbundling Telecoms Loop" is just another way of saying "Stealing Telecoms Property."
SO perhaps it is just the way he has said it!
Could it be Ms Presley just isn't a fan of plain English!

instead of Calling Annette Presley a "thieving Bitch" he could say she is the "illegitimate offspring of a female dog"
I don't know - maybe it's just the TRUTH she doesn't like!

If you don't like being called a thieving bitch (or bastard), then simply do not steal - or call for other people to steal on your behalf - things that belong to others.
People who steal things are commonly called thieves
A male would be a thieving bastard
A Female a thieving bitch
If you lay down with DOGS
It stands to reason that you will get up with FLEAS
or perhaps in the words of Bob Marley
"Who the cap fits, Let them wear it!"


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