Thursday, May 25, 2006

Inspiration is where you find it

There are some truly inspirational people out there involved in all kinds of activities and acts of achievement, but one of the people who has and and continues to inspire me, can be found here.
He has physically never laid a hand on me (and for that I/we are both truly thankful), yet he frequently metaphorically grabs me by the shoulders and gives me a good slap around the ears in the attempt of urging my poor sluggish braincells into colliding with each other and achieving the purpose they were created for - THINKING!
I urge anybody who can be bothered reading my simplistic scratching here to immediately go to this blog here. I could cut and paste all day the inspirational and thought-challenging articles that are posted here, but apart from just making me look intelligent it wouldn't achieve a lot. For example his articles on basic things like RECYCLING, or MOTHER THERESA, or UNSUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT or BEER. Admitedly, these are not all penned by HIMSELF, but if you are in the business of expanding your mind - forget the drugs (well, for a short while at least!) and read (and more importantly try to comprehend) what you will read there.
Now, this is not to say that EVERYTHING he has to say is worth reading - he does have a tendency to waffle on about mindless crap like Aussie Rules on the occasion, but apart from that it's all good.
Personally I have always harboured a love and fascination for architecture - I dont really know why, but maybe it is just an appreciation of good design, style and achievement. The author of this site is an architect, and so therefore frequently features what I have found to be fascinating and interesting articles on some great feats of architecture, and has brought to my attention stuff I probably would never have got to see.
There are frequently articles on MUSIC - another thing dear to my heart. Mostly old-school stuff - early british punk to Lou Reed, through to classic New Zealand Rock, and also much talk of the classical masters, of which I do my best to ignore, but must admit find myself enjoying more and more as the years catch up with me!
Above all else there is objectivism, intellectual and political commentary, property rights and philosophy.
This site focuses on truth, facts, reality, reason and rationality, and holds no space for mysticism, religion or any other forms of nonsense.
I do not wish this to sound like I am pissing in anybody's pocket here. It is more like a thank you for giving my head a good shake, and waking my braincells from their slumber! or perhaps like telling a friend about a good bottle of wine you have found.

One of my favourite quotes goes something like this:
Those who DO NOT read, are no better off than those who CAN'T read!
SO, do yourself a favour and set those braincells on a collision course with each other - read NotPC NOW

Thanks PC - Long may your Blog Reach!


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Sounds like a great blog to visit. :-)

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