Friday, May 19, 2006

Tauranga Council Department of Pimps and Hookers

There is a case in court at the moment, where a Hamilton escort agency is fighting a council bylaw restraining them from operating from their house in a suburban neighbourhood. Here is a presentation I made to the Tauranga District Council in defence of Private Property rights in general and can be applied to ANY situation not just that of prostitution.
My presentation is aimed at changing the minds of councillors that are able to think for themselves and come to a rational conclusion taking into consideration the points I have to make. It would be safe to say that there is not 1 person in this room that has actually witnessed a prostitute servicing a client UNLESS of course they did so of their own free will and CHOSE to? Why is that? Because the nature of this business relies on discretion - on the part of the WORKER AND the CLIENT! So WHY are some of you opposed to prostitution? - It is not as if you are offended by the things you see! If that WAS the case, then there are already rules and laws in place to prosecute people for commiting lewd or obscene acts in public view, as some recent prosecutions have proven. Likewise There are already bylaws regarding signage in residential areas. I believe dictating the maximum size sign a prostitute can have council will be inadvertantly setting the MINIMUM size – resulting in exactly the opposite effect to that which they wish to achieve. Many people find the views and practices of religious groups offensive or the clients of criminal defence lawyers – does the council propose a designated area for these people also? No, The people opposed to this bill are people who do not like the IDEA of prostitution. They use their IMAGINATION about what is going on behind the closed doors of somebody elses private property, and they dont LIKE what they see, so they wish to PREVENT them from doing it by installing more and more legislation - for WHAT! - a smutty thought in their OWN MIND! The problem is in THEIR MIND – not in their SIGHT, making it a MORAL issue, not a physical one. To make a bylaw based upon what is in somebodys MIND makes the council into THOUGHT POLICE, and this is ABSURD. Prostitutes dont really do anything different to what many do in the privacy of their own homes - except they do it for CASH as opposed to maybe LOVE, or - hold on a minute! what does the council rulebook say about “legitimate reasons to have sex!” Council have already recognised the possibility of actually CREATING a RED LIGHT DISTRICT with their legislation by saying that “registered” prostitutes may not have premises withing a certain distance of each other - oh yea like THAT is going to work! What about UNREGISTERED workers. What about a MASSAGE parlour or any other BOGUS job description? Prostitution has been completely ILLEGAL for who knows How many years - did it stop them from BLATANTLY advertising and carrying out their business in complete disregard to the law - NO! so what MIRACLE is going to happen because the council make a few new bylaws! Something else that puzzles me is that on the outskirts of the councils designated prostitute friendly area, it will be permitted to sell your body for sex at say number 15, but not nextdoor at number 17. In regards to the proposed FEE for registering or Licensing a brothel. By demanding a Licence fee, council are accepting MONEY for allowing prostitutes to accept money for SEXUAL FAVOURS. A person or organisation that holds this position is commonly know as a PIMP, which I believe to be a more immoral profession than the one some of you propose to regulate. – How Ironic I do not believe it is the councils job to dictate what consenting adults may or may not do in the privacy of their own home, and to those who DO I say MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS I propose the council should do NOTHING other than enforce laws that are already in effect


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