Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who says you shouldn't throw bottles!

In their spare time, two of my sons have taken up "throwing bottles!" In fact, they have become so good at it, that they have even turned it into a career!
One of them held in high regard to the effect that he has even been sent to Venice and Monaco to throw them!
All I can say is thank god they were brought up in New Zealand as opposed to lets say Northern Ireland, as the content of the bottles would have been significantly different (ie petrol instead of alcohol).
My boys Jason (25) and Adam (20) are both FLAIR BARTENDERS! - Yes, I know it's almost a foreign language. Let me explain!. They make cocktails in between juggling bottles full of alcoholic spirits, limes, lemons, and every kind of garnish you can think of, not to mention firebreathing and other incredible and entertaining acts of stupidity! All joking aside, I must say it's great to watch and a very skillful art requiring hours of practice (the juggling mostly - not the drinking!) and a vivid imagination, coming up with new ways to serve and present their liquid inventions. At competitions, this may involve a theme, and music to coreograph your juggling and cocktail pouring to. It is also important to get the crowd or audience on your side, so tricks and stunts to wind them up and get a reaction are all beneficial to your cause. The prizes up for grabs are also pretty good, often including trips to exotic locations to make, pour (and drink) cocktails! What a terrible way to have to earn a living eh! Neither of these guys can sing like their dear-old dad, but they sure are the "rock-stars" of the cocktail business! And to think all "I" used to get for throwing bottles was arrested!


Blogger Rick said...

And now I'm trying to remember what song they played in the movie Cocktail. Cheers for that.

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