Thursday, May 04, 2006

Legalised THEFT a heinous crime is committed

This is the plague effecting the people of this country - the plague of wanting - nay, expecting - demanding as a right, something for nothing. We demand a share of the private property of other people as a right! We do not care how we get it, or who steals it from the rightful owners, we just WANT it! We have been taught by successive governments that we are entitled to these things - in fact they are the perpetrators of these acts of theft. They steal the earnings of the working population, and redistribute it as they see fit! They steal it from working people, and give it to people who DON’T work. They give it to people to breed! They give it to people to make music, and NOW the most heinous of all, they steal the private property of one company, and give it to its competitors to use so that they can compete. They call this making a “level playing field.”

To soften the publics perception of this dastardly act, they have called it UNBUNDLING


This is government DOUBLESPEAK - Call it what it is - LEGALISED THEFT!

Peter Cresswell said:
What UNBUNDLING really means is nationalising Telecom’s telephone lines because other telecommunications companies can’t be arsed building their own, and the RMA makes it all but impossible to do so if the will was there in any case

As Rodney Hide said today following Cunliffe’s announcement of Telecom’s ‘unbundling’:
This decision is not about allowing competition, it’s about government forcing a private company to open their network to competitors. Labour has absolutely no respect for private property rights (neither does National, and ACT are also a bit suspect on the meaning of the words too - Tomahawk Kid). Instead of creating an alternative network, a group of companies have pressured Ministers to let them leech off Telecom’s lines... This sends a chilling message to any company wishing to invest in infrastructure - Government will regulate and control you, unless you do what politicians say.

The nationalisation of Telecom’s lines has been long-signalled, and will no doubt be widely celebrated by all those who want to get their hands on something that isn’t theirs, and don’t care about the power they give government by granting their support. All government wants is cheerleaders for its meddling. All the cheearleaders want is their own chance at someone else wealth. The moochers and the looters need each other to survive. ‘The goverment that robs Peter to pay Paul will always get the enthusiastic support of Paul’ is a truism that is too frequently forgotten; it is entirely appropriate to invoke it here this evening.

UNBUNDLING - which isn’t a word anyway has been made up by the spin doctors to SOFTEN the real word which is THEFT

Now the Govt have got into the SWING of things WHOS COMPANY WILL BE NEXT?

Better watch out - don’t become too efficient - don’t let the public rely too much on your innovation or your quality service or YOUR BUSINESS could be next!


Blogger Oswald Bastable said...

Indeed- who will be next?

Telecom was testing the water- a soft target for the first steps towards 'nationalising' private property.

8:14 pm  
Blogger Rick said...

At least the ACT Party are the voice of liberty in all of this. Thankgodness.

11:57 pm  

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