Monday, May 01, 2006


Peter Neilsen!! - AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH - I might have known it was one of the mindless ones cohorts to come up with a mindnumbingly crap idea like this!

Peter Neilsen wants the government to pay the first $3000 to anybody wishing to purchase a "Hybrid" car. How about they just don't steal that $3000 dollars from us in the first place - then we wouldn't NEED a bloody subsidy

These guys (Jim Anderton especially) trot out the same old tired B_shit time after time! What ever happened to Kiwi ingenuity to find a solution to a problem? (I have a few things to say about THAT, but I'll leave it for another day!) What ever happened to "thinking outside the SQUARE?" - To be innovative or even creative? An IMPOSSIBILITY for sure! Mr Anderton IS the epitome of square - he is the line that DEFINES the outside edges of the square - no wonder he can't think outside of it! No doubt the idea of purchasing a hybrid (battery/petrol) car has crossed many peoples minds of late, but pursued the thought no further as they couldn't afford one even if they wanted to. How about this for an idea! Instead of the government taxing us all to the eyeballs, how about they didn't steal that money from them in the first place! Then, they wouldn't NEED a "government subsidy" - In fact, by cutting out the middleman (govt), who obviously skims off a percentage to keep himself in a job - they would have even more cash to go towards the purchase! Hell, we could even apply the same principal to the health and education sectors! But lets not go THERE right now - this is about CARS right! or is it THEFT! (or should I say TAX) - no, wait a minute, its about COMPULSION - you know - FORCE! It was actually about FREEDOM OF CHOICE,! About being able to spend your OWN money on things YOU wish, and about being allowed to live your life without being accosted by dumb and dummer every time they get a brainwave. Please Mr Neilsen - get a real job - get a hobby or something for god sake, but spare us from more of this kind of drivel.

Apparently there was a radio poll that said 7 out of 10 people thought this was a good idea! MMmmmm - Reminds me of a cartoon I saw once:

Imagine if you will a bunch of people (of less than average intelligence) standing in a CIRCLE - each holding in their RIGHT hand a plate with a piece of cake on it.
On the word "go" they each reach across and steal the piece of cake from the person on their LEFT!
This little game can keep people of this ilk amused for AGES, as they all think they are getting something for NOTHING, yet are OBLIVIOUS to the fact that they are being ROBBED at the same time.


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