Monday, May 01, 2006

Get naked at Mark Pecks Place

Mark Peck, director of Smokefree Coalition is a very dangerous man! ! Why? Because he does not understand the meaning of two very simple words! Property Rights! If he does understand them, and instead choses to ignore the meaning and trample over the rights of property owners, then he is even "more" dangerous. You see, before he is able to ban smoking in a pub, first there must be a "pub." The owner of the pub "should" be entitled to make the rules of his establishment, be it dress code, age of patrons to be served, drinks to be available, closing time, and whether he choses to allow smoking or not. there is no compulsion for people to to patronise his establishment, or even work there, but mark Peck disregards this right, and wishes to dictate to property owners what they may and may not do. It is very simple really, yet he choses to ignore this very basic concept.

To make himself out to be the good guy in all this, Mark Peck claims to be the protector of the health and lives of the public, therefore justifying his demand for government to force peaceful private businessmen to operate their business on Peck's terms, of course any such laws are backed by the threat of punishment, including fines, closure of the business, and or imprisonment.

Wow, what a great rights-advocating liberty lover Herr Peck is eh?

Seeing as he is so happy to dictate what people may or may not do on their private property then I suggest property owners seek to pass a law regarding rules on "his private property!"

I know, lets pass a law saying that everybody that goes to his house should be forced to remove all their clothes! If they do not comply "he" should be taken to court and fined. Mr Peck! - you give meaning to the term "interfering busybody!" Mind your own business, and let others mind theirs!


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