Monday, May 01, 2006

More Spineless Busyboddies

C. Preston wrote to the BOP Times saying "where is society;s backbone. It is about time society stood up and said no more working weekends or public holidays" (and a lot more dribble besides!) Howard Baker had previously written concerning the rights of business owners to operate their business over the easter period.

Where is society’s backbone” says C. Preston! It is in the likes of Howard Baker who stands up for his right to operate "his" business when he see fit, without interference from the un-productive. C. Preston speaks as a "collective," (the mob) as if they have the right to run roughshod over the rights of the individual. How can we hope to stop bullying in schools with bullies like C. Preston on the loose? It is thanks to busybodies like this that government is free to impose invasive taxes and mindless legislation that force entire families to work twice as long as necessary just to pay their tax bill, and because local councils insist upon forcing Museums, art galleries and aquatic centres upon us, and because government insist we continue to support unsustainable pyramid schemes like superannuation and ACC, not to mention all the other sub-standard services such as under-achieving health and education systems most are forced to work twice as much as we would prefer. It is none of anybody’s business how or when an individual chooses to run his business. If you do not like the hours offered either negotiate, or apply for a job whose hours suit. Mind your "own" business, and let others mind theirs!


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