Wednesday, April 26, 2006

VIctoria Crosses and Property Rights

Although I am saddened that the families of the Uphams and the Hulmes feel they need to sell the magnificent Victoria Crosses (and here) won by their ancestors, as much as I disapprove of their actions, I believe they have every right to, and I stand behind their right to do so! The Uphams and the Hulmes were decorated for bravery, fighting for freedom, and against oppression from the enemy. Little did they realise that the biggest threats to these things in years to come would be coming from their own government! However, the answer to all the discourse concerning this issue is very simple, and it lies in property rights. The medals were passed down to members of the family once the original owners passed away. The current owners should be entitled to "all" property rights concerning them. What the current owners chose to do with them (whether we agree or not) is nobodys business but theirs. Sure, I would be sad to see them go, but it is none of my business - they are not my property. This is half of the problem with this country. Too many people laying claims to things that do not belong to them, but belong to other people. Who taught us, and encourages this sort of behaviour? The plague of socialist governments that's who! It is true that everybody wants something for free, only trouble is, somebody somewhere is paying for it - and one day, that person will be you! How will you like it then?


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