Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MAF Short Ruler Scam

Recently the MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries) produced a sticker in the form of a ruler with which recreational fishermen could measure their CATCH, to determine whether it was of a legal size to keep. However the REAL CATCH here, is that the ruler they produced was not the correct size - It is approx 10mm SMALLER than a REAL ruler. Consequently, a local angler was acosted by a MAF officer after a fishing trip, only to find that instead of his fish being the correct size, they were in fact 10mm too small, and he got BUSTED! Here is my letter to the BOP Times concerning this story.

At first I felt sympathy for Warwick Gilmour for getting caught by MAFs "short ruler" scam recently. What a beautiful piece of conmanship that one is! Surely it has to be a winner in the governments "fleece the sheeple" competition! A simple but cunning plan to make the sheeple think they are operating within the law, only to find they are 10% short. Or perhaps it was just an honest mistake, and they mixed this ruler up with the ruler used to measure MAFs intelligence - in either case lacking 10%!
But I digress - as I read on, my sympathy turned to horror as I discovered that although Mr Gilmour was clearly in the right, and had every right to think his fish were of an acceptable size as stated by the MAF ruler, he just rolled over, accepted his guilt and paid the fine! - What a pussy! I would like to say to Mr Gilmour that all it takes for evil to flourish is that good men do nothing! Good men in the past doing nothing is the reason Mr Gilmour finds himself in the predicament he's in now.
This is just another perfect example of bureaucrats changing the meaning of certain words or terms to suit themselves - ie Tax (theft), Taxpayer (slave) Law abiding citizen (cash cow) and now 10 inch ruler (9 inches!)


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