Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Welcome to my first foray into bloggery.

As with most things you do for the first time there is bound to be the odd balls-up until you get into the swing of things, but nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.

I have been known as a regular contributor to the "letters to the editor" page of the local daily newspapers, where I have been accused of "lying in wait to pounce upon those I disagree with" - these people are generally those who wish to have a say in what I can and cannot do with MY LIFE, MY PROPERTY, and MY BODY.

I do not in fact lay in wait to prey upon them, as their lives and activities are of no interest to me whatsoever. What I have done is become vociferous in standing up for personal responsibility and property rights in the face of the creeping plague of socialism that threatens the life, liberty and property rights of us all.

On most occasions these letters are aimed at people who wish to use force and compulsion to get me (and others) to comply with things THEY think we should, or things THEY believe are for our own good.

To these people I give a vigorous one fingered salute, (and all the things that salute stands for,) followed by a hearty chorus of BUGGER OFF.

My letters often tend to be based around themes such as:
Keep your hands out of my pocket, there aint a damn thing in there that belongs to you!
Local council should not be in the entertainment business!
OR the prostitution business
Die-while-you-wait Government health system
NaZis on Air Funding
Political correctness gone mad
Tax is Theft
Nanny States one-size-fits-all Brainwashing centres (Government run school system)

I am of the belief that much of what my local council is involved in can be done better and more efficiently by private enterprise, if only they would GET OUT OF THE WAY and let them!

Anyway, if you log in here on a regular basis, no doubt you will get the idea of where I am coming from, and I look forward to hearing from you, so post away.

- and that ladies and gentlemen is my first rant


Anonymous Robin Thomsen said...

Nice blog Graham :-) I'll have a better look when I've got a bit more time to chill.

Is it true you play the theremin? If so... where the heck can I get one??? I heard one on the movie Ed Wood by Tim Burton. Amazing sound.

3:40 pm  

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