Monday, May 01, 2006

Sheeple in the Sand Dunes!

What would happen to the sand-dunes if there wasn't a group of dedicated people who see the necessity of the dunes, and spend their lives maintaining them? They would be trampled into the ground and washed out to sea! Surely everybody appreciates the seashore, and values the sand-dunes! Why would that happen? Because people take them for granted — they’ve always been there, so are quite happy to use them, all the while eroding them, until eventually there would be none left! Then you could be sure they would miss them, but by then it would be too late - they would be gone.
I apply this same philosophy to individual freedom and freedom of speech. There are many out there who are happy to have them and all the benefits they bring, yet spend their time trying to discredit and destroy them. People like Green MP Sue Kedgley calling for the ban of "happy meals" (although whether she actually did or not is now in dispute!) However with Miz Kedgleys track record, if it wasn't happy meals it would just as likely be something else! Not to mention the flocks of sheeple every day mindlessly bleating for the government to ban "this" and "ban that."
There are however a dedicated few who spend their lives in its defence —watching as the mindless sheeple vote away their rights and responsibilities at every opportunity, calling for more government interference in their lives. Each new law and rule ie regulations banning smoking on private property, prohibiting smacking, compulsory taxes and filling in censeless forms incrementally erode the most sacred things in the universe—the freedom and rights of the individual. Hear the sheeple squeal when they finally discover they have none left!



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