Thursday, April 27, 2006

Individualism and the stuff its made of

During my conception, what gene was I blessed (or cursed) with that has seen my entire life battling normality, questioning the rules, and fighting the system?

At primary school when learning to write, why did I purposely insist on sloping my letters in the opposite direction to the teachers instruction and every other childs conformity? (and I still do!) Why, when every other player in my football team had black boots, did I have to have white (or red) boots? Why, when all my friends were listening to mainstream or regular bands like Led Zep, Black Sabbath and Hendrix, did I have to seek out wierd and alternative artists (Brian Eno, Ian Hunter, Alex Harvey, Patti Smith?) I was the first guy in town (I'm talking the 70s here) to have my very long hair styled with a spiral perm (mmmm - nice!) What made me "not" join the "young Nationals" with all my friends? The very first time I actually listened to what politicians had to say, and voted accordingly was for Bob Jones's Newly formed New Zealand Party!
I have recently built a new house, and flouted normality from start to finish (much to the building inspectors dismay/disgust/consternation (you should have seen the guys face when he came on site with his little gadget to check the moisture content in the framing timber, only to find the entire structure was made of steel - very unusual for around these parts! - he didn't know where to stick his little probe - if only he had asked me, I could have given him a few suggestions!!!)
The exterior cladding of the house is in corrugated coloursteel, and he was not very happy with the fact that instead of regular windows on the side of the building, I had replaced the steel with translucent corrugated plastic (often used in the rooves ofconservatories and industrial buildings to let in the light.) Not to mention the fact that only one room in the house has conventional gib board wall cladding! - I have used Bricks, weatherboards, Zincalume, Onduline, MDF and Plywood - everything BUT Gib board. He was also quite perturbed by the guttering running along the wall down the hallway. He aked me what it was there for, and I said "in case the roof leaks of course!" (The guttering contains fluorescent tube lights) Where is all this leading? - hard to say really! Just that I guess I have never been "one of the sheeple." I have never just done as I was told without first questioning "why." I have never wanted to do things conventionally just because "that is how they are normally done." Maybe this is what has made me question the likes of Jim Anderton, Sue Bradford, Sue Kedgley, Leila Harre, Hone Harawera, Judith Tizzard and the likes, whom so revolt me with their mindless, inane politics. Their inability to learn from history, and their insistence on the use of bribery, force and threats in their attempt to deliver the population with what is best for them, and to ensure they all remain as conductors on the gravy train. If only I had learnt to do as I was told - just think, I could be a Greenie or an Alliance supporter by now!


Blogger Lindsay said...

The Greens wouldn't like that. One of them even calls herself an arnachist (despite getting her law degree compliments of the state).

7:09 pm  
Blogger Rick said...

Well well. Mr Beating The Bastards Back has launched himself into the blogosphere!

Good to see ya mate.

7:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Akk Mun!!!!

Ye build ye shed inside out. :)

Love the look.

10:41 am  
Blogger The Tomahawk Kid said...

Thank you sir - it is weathering well too - no maintenance or painting required, so thats a bonus.

11:45 am  

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