Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nationalise McDonalds

What with all the talk of banning Happy Meals, and nationalising Telecom and Vodaphone, all I can say is thank heavens nanny hasn't nationalised McDonalds yet! -

Can you imagine the queues at the counter?
The chips would be cold, the buns would be stale, - don't dare ask for extra sauce!

There would be no up-size, no fizz or sweet desserts, and the chocolate flake would be replaced by a carrot stick or something (there is an obesity epidemic you know!)

To reduce the queue you would have to show a "need" greater than that of the next person, or prove that you are on a benefit of some description before you qualify to place your order, much like applying for a job at jobfinders (Jobfinders won't offer anybody any of the jobs they have on their list unless the person has first signed up on a benefit - true story!)

Under the treaty of Waitangi, native people of American descent would be entitled to free happy meals (providing they havent yet banned them) and cheaper burgers because the company used to be owned by Americans! Some would get a bigger big mac than others due to the level of need shown!

Those on a higher income bracket would have to pay more for their burgers so as to make it fair to those who don't earn as much.

The green party would also want to get in on the act, and demand recyclable hemp cups for the icecream sundae, and demand we cut back on the colourful placemats replacing them with brown, recycled, unbleached newsprint so as to save the rainforest in indonesia!


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