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NaZis on Air, Principles, Neil Finn, and the funding of crap

I often find myself jumping to the defence of people or things I do not personally like or agree with, but this is what happens when you make a principled argument.

Everything I write is based upon my bottom line - my principles. My principles are very simple. The non initiation of force. Simply put, I do not believe that people have the right to use force of any description upon others to get what they want! I do not believe they have the right to ask other people (ie government, councils, hitmen, etc) to use force for or on their behalf. The use of force is wrong and immoral. By basing every argument upon these principles, I am able to come to clear and consistent decisions, that are unswayed an unaffected by my own personal view of the subject. In fact I believe that the lack of such principles is the reason why politicians in general are regarded with such abhorence. On one topic they think one thing, and you agree with them, and on another subject they think completely the opposite - they are inconsistent. You may agree with them on one topic, and not the next. Their decisions and policies are just based upon their own "feelings, or view" on any given subject. For example:

One politician may give funding to Opera music, but not Pop music, another politician the opposite - decisions based upon their own "taste, or view on the argument!" My first thought would be "where is the money coming from! Who is creating, or earning the money to be given to these artists?"
If it is taken by force (ie tax) from the taxpayer, then I say NOBODY has the right to this money, other than the people it was stolen from. It is their money, let THEM decide who they give it to.

Now on to the main reason for this post.
I am a musician. I record and perform my own original music. I do it because I enjoy it, and it earns me money to pay for recording and publicity and to pay for my instruments (not to mention the sex and the drugs!) :-)
My band has 3 albums for sale, and a fourth one underway, all self-funded. People come to our shows, like what they hear, and purchase the cd's. I simply cannot understand why the taxpayers are forced to shell out huge sums of money to anybody that thinks they should be entitled to some of it to record music, when they can quite easilly - with a little hard work and practice (it's called paying your dues in the music business!) pay for it themselves. NaZis on Air hand out $5000 for a band to make a video, and $5000 to record ONE SONG. Hell, we recorded an entire album at a studio we were more than happy with for HALF that price, so somebody somewhere is getting ripped off. Another perfect example of how stolen money has NO VALUE.

Neil Finn is in the headlines lately disagreeing with the government bailing out Kiwi FM - a radio station that is playing 100% NZ music that is not paying its way, and I agree with him. The moochers and the looters (mostly musicians) are up in arms that Neil is against them getting handouts just because they think they deserve to. It's like Neil is selling out just because he is famous now and doesn't need a handout. I say How many handouts did Split Enz, or crowded house, or Hello Sailor, or Citizen Band, or Dragon, or The Dudes etc etc get to get where they (or their talented members) are today! NONE! - they get there through:
1. Being GOOD/Talented.
2. Hard Work.
3. Paying their dues (see No.2)
Receiving the large sums of un-earned cash is the only way CRAP bands/musicians can compete with GOOD ones. eg
If you are CRAP, and nobody likes you, only small numbers will go to your gigs. You probably wont get much work, therefore you wont be able to afford to record or make a video. If you are GOOD, people will pay to come to see you, purchase CD's, enabling you to record, advertise, hire a manager, negotiate a recording contract etc etc.
HOWEVER, with NaZis on Air, even if you are CRAP, you can get a large sum of money just by filling in an application form, enabling you to record and make a video without actually being deserving of it. This in turn makes it even MORE difficult for the bands and musicians who are good and DO deserve it because NaZis on air go round to all the Radio Stations and record companies promoting only the people they have spent the money on! (including the crap ones)
What happens to most of these artificially elevated crap bands once the booster of government money is taken away? They go crashing back down to REALITY, because the fact of the matter is "You can't POLISH a TURD!"

I say get the government out of music - give the taxpayers back their money so they can afford to buy cd's, and go to gigs, and patronise the bands, music and musicians of their choice, completely free of compulsion.

The taxpayers will be happy as they wont be being robbed.
The musicians will be happy because people will have more money to spend on gigs and cds etc
The moochers and Looters wont be squabbling over who gets the stolen loot (there won't be any) - they will have to pay their OWN way
Unfortunately the politicians and busybodies will be unhappy because THEY will be out of a job, and will be forced to find MEANINGFUL employment!

I saw Neil Finn on TV last night, and the reason he is NOT happy that the government are bailing out Kiwi FM is because he wants the frequency for one of HIS projects - youth radio or something. Apparently he has been campaigning for years to get a frequency from the government, and so far had no luck. For the Government to prop up Kiwi FM means he will have to wait even longer for a frequency. (He's a musician - I might have known he wouldn't have a principled argument!)


Anonymous mad dog said...

Kudos, brother. In fact, you get extra points for being a free marketeer, but not an american.

9:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might want to research a little harder what public funding the finn family (older brothers included) have received despite being very much able to fund their own music clips etc before you quote them. Also I do believe public funding can help an industry when the population is a s small as ours and sales alone cannot always support artists.

10:52 am  

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