Friday, May 05, 2006

Bundle stolen from Telecom

I cannot believe some of the crap I am hearing at the moment! The shock Horror that the Telecom details were leaked by somebody in the government. Who could do such a terrible thing as to warn Telecom that the government was about to steal their private property, and make it available to their competitors to use, all in the name of having a "level playing field!"
Answer this! What is worse - That somebody leaked that the government were about to commit a dreadful attrocity concerning the rights and property of its citizens, or that Telecom have had their private property stolen?

This is how PC put it:
"Someone senior in the Government, a politician or an official, set out on a path of economic and political sabotage," Mr English told reporters. What an abject moron. This seeker of the irrelevant, this parliamentary apostle of wetness, suggests somehow that the whistle-blower did something immoral.

They didn't. What was 'sabotage' was Cunliffe's announcement -- what is immoral is the nationalisation. What was neither of the above was the advance warning of theft which the leak represents.

Whoever the whistle-blower was, whoever divulged Cabinet's plan to nationalise Telecom's network, did exactly the right thing. What the whistle-blower did was warn a victim of burglary what he overheard the burglars planning to do to them. It was a moral act.

Some "radio live" talk show host was horrified about the image our government would get with having somebody leak important information like this! - I say STUFF that - What sort of message does it give to the rest of the world that the New Zealand Government can stoop to an all time low and SEIZE - STEAL the private property of a privately owned company - an act so dispicable it is most commonly attributed to Nazi and communist dictatorships!

People are saying to me at the moment "Why are you sticking up for those bastards? (Telecom) Dont you want faster internet? Well, of course I do, but look at it this way! If you went in to the bank with a gun, and held them up, and stole their money just so you could purchase an expensive present for me, doesnt mean I would agree with what you had done. It just means that you have stolen somebody elses property, and passed the stolen goods on to me. I would rather NOT have that present at all

Please make no mistake about what the government have done! They haven't "unbundled" anything, they have STOLEN it.


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