Thursday, May 04, 2006

$8.3 Million dollar thrill

Ex Tauranga City Coucillor Joye Adams (I think thats who she is) wrote to the BOP Times congratulating the council on their $8.3 million dollar makeover of a part of the downtown city area that comprises a paved area for children that shoots jets of water up in the air at random intervals from random places, which is all very well and good, but is it truly a necessary expenditure when it could have been achieved by other means less TAXING (if you know what I mean!)

If all it takes is a quick squirt of water up the inside leg of some

people to justify the obscene $8.3 million of stolen booty spent on the
downtown makeover then I suggest all those that agree go outside and
stand on the garden hose and get their moneys worth.
It would save the ratepayers quite a bundle! Service groups and
community spirit (the old-fashioned style that didn't require the use
of force and compulsion) used to get together to provide these kind of
facilities free of charge, but now the council has hijacked the
concept, funded by the extortion of the ratepayers, cost is of no
consequence, as stolen money has no value. Bullying, threats and force
have taken centre stage over community spirit, pride, innovation and
co-operation. Quite a shame really, but the majority are obviously
happy with that option or they wouldn't keep voting for more of it
every time the council elections come around. Just remember - a council
big enough to give you everything you want, is also big enough to take
everything you have!


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