Thursday, May 11, 2006

State propaganda machine vomits out another one

I should really be writing my own commentary, but I couldn't let this one pass without sharing it with my readers.

This from the person I believe to be the only expert worth paying any atention to regarding anything to do with "welfare:" - Lindsay Mitchell.

David Benson-Pope is congratulating his government over the lowest unemployment seen since the mid-eighties. There are now 44,549 on the dole compared to 42,405 in 1986.

If he wants to make comparisons here's a few more.

1986 - 62,570
2006 - 103,362 +65 percent

Invalid benefit
1986 - 21,993
2006 - 74,401 +238 percent

Sickness benefit
1986 - 9,517
2006 - 46,072 +384 percent

Thanks for that Lindsay.
You didn't give us THESE figures DID YOU Mr Pope?

These figures really are enough to make anyone SICK

This man is so full of shite even his eyes are BROWN!


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