Monday, May 08, 2006

NZ Music Month

Please support New Zealand Music Month
If for no other reason than to help support one of the very few New Zealand bands/musicians that refuses to take handouts from the state, and gladly state they are "Proudly NOT" sponsored by NaZis On Air!
Yes folks, I am talking about
The Fabulous, Most Groovy BRILLEAUX -
maximum R&B - an original band from Tauranga, playing its own brand of moderrn, rhythm and Blues based original material. The latest of which even features a guest appearance by a certain Mr Lindsay Perigo, on a track entitled "Beat the Bastards Back"
Brilleaux have 3 albums to their credit, with a 4th one in the process. Not to be outdone by certain OTHER blogs in town, I would like to add my own twist to
NZ's 10 most OVER-rated bands/songs, and PCs FAVOURITE TOP TEN,
by adding my own favourite LOCAL Selection

Songs of Love and Not: Kokomo
Kokomo have about 7 albums (at last count), amongst which Songs of Love and Not is my favourite, although Kokomo Agogo - their new live album is right up there. These guys get better and better with every album, They sure set the bar pretty high when it comes to releasing quality albums.
Kokomo play acoustic kiwi blues and beyond

The Wicked Piano Pumpin Pickett:
I have known and loved Pickets music since I first saw him play live many years ago now. Ritchie plays the meanest honk-tonk piano I have ever heard, and his songwriting blows me away (favourites are Chameleon, and 3am hamilton Sunday Morning), and every track on "All Strung Out in a Bunch" (apart from ONE which suffers due to Pickets poor choice of a harmonica-player - but that is another story) is a masterpiece, This album is a world-class piece of work in my opinion, and has never gained the recognition it deserves.

All Strung Out In A Bunch: Ritchie Pickett

The End of the Beginning: Hard To Handle

Jon Michaelz: Some Songs
Jon - former vocalist with legendary Tauranga/Auckland band Hard to Handle, released his first solo album of acoustic-based balads and cruisey stuff - and I really like it - in fact I prefer Jon doing this than fronting his band - and that was awesome. This album has been in my CD stacker permanently since I first got it. Jon and I have jammed together on many occasions, in the past, and hopefully many times to come.


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