Monday, May 15, 2006

The English Language

I am all for the correct pronunciation of Maori words, and the effort is made by many to do so - not only by television and radio broadcasters, but also by many educators!
As I understand it, there are certain letters in the English alphabet that are not used in the Maori language, and that is fine!
What I would like to know, is who is safeguarding the English language, and its correct pronounciation and useage?
Pronounce a Maori word incorrectly and expect to be informed of its correct pronounciation in double-quick time! Those of you with school-age children at home will have no doubt been reprimanded on occasion.
Well, this is my observation. It appears to be part of the overall dumbing-down of the population by the PC state brainwashing centres to also remove certain letters from the English language?
I write this after spending too much time lately listening to radio and TV broadcasters (who used to have certain language quality criteria, although not any more it would seem!)
What I would like to know is in the English language, where has the letter "T" gone?

You see, I don't live in Rodorua anymore, and I certainly don't have a compuder, otherwise I would write a ledder to the newspaper! If I had nineynine dollars nineynine I could get a subscription to the Bay of Pleny times, or perhaps some budder to put on my toast, but alas, no! It appears English has become another foreign language option at school?


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Not even being English my mother tongue I definitely agree with you...

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