Thursday, May 18, 2006

Moochers, Looters and Thieves

If I saw an armed robber walking up your driveway with a shotgun the least I could do - the most moral action I could take would be to come and warn you of the intent of the approaching looter!

I would be hailed as a hero. Helen Clark would come and shake my hand (on second thoughts perhaps I'd let them rob you!) and I would get my name on the front page of all the newspapers.

Why then all the fuss about who leaked the news of the approaching robbers to Telecom? Whoever it was took the right and moral action and deserves a medal, and to have his/her hand shaken vigorously, when instead he has been branded as a thief and the perpetrator of a most terrible crime!

Of course it wasn’t one of the Labour Party - there isn't one of them that knows the meaning of the words property rights - each and every one a moocher and a looter!

Clark is worried about tarnishing her Governments reputation overseas, with having a snitch in the ranks - meanwhile her government has just committed one of the most disgusting crimes I can think of - state sanctioned robbery of a privately owned company.

Do not be taken in by the government’s smokescreen – trying to take the heat off what they have done by trying to find a scapegoat.

Look to the perpetrators of the “real” crime!

What is worse however, is that not ONCE have I heard the media looking at it from this perspective!

Here is Helen Clark sounding all outraged and appalled that some dispicable person let the cat out of the bag, yet SHE and her merry bunch of THIEVES are the ones stealing the private property.

Nanny state sure has done a great job at its state brainwashing centres (schools if you must) because not ONE radio or newspaper reporter has used the brain they were born with to actually THINK for themselves, and report the story from this perspective.

Mindless sheeple the lot of them - they need their tails docked and their crotches crotched because NOT ONE OF THEM has the BALLS to tell the story like it is

I am disgusted.


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