Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What planet are they from?

Somebody wrote to the paper saying "I wonder what Planet Mr Clark and
Mr Watkins are from - So I have tried to explain it for him (seeing as he obviously doesnt have a mind to think for himself)
Mr Watkins and I are both from a civilised planet that abhors the use of force, and threats, and where people get things done on the basis of mutual consent. Where people trade their goods and services for what they are worth, at their own price and on their own terms.
The planet
encourages achievement and excellence, where parents are able to chose the education they desire for their children rather than be forced to pay for and learn what the government wants them to learn (and then charge them again!)` Where shopkeepers can open their shops when "they" want without the risk of becoming a criminal if they open on the wrong days! Where you can do anything you like on your own private property as long as you pose no threat or danger to others. Where roads are smooth because their owners wish to encourage people to use "them" rather than an alternative route, and the water is clean and pure because nobody wants to purchase dirty water, so the dirty water sellers go out of business. Where the hospital waiting lists are reduced by better service and more operations as opposed to making it harder to get on the waiting list. Where crime is at a minimum because police pursue crimes with victims as opposed to crimes against ourselves and revenue collection.
Watkins and I are here on an observation mission, and let me tell you, things are quite different here thats for sure!
We noticed that in Russia several years ago the government was the sole provider of
bread, telephones and cars, and nobody had any of them! It took seven years on a waiting list to get a car, and when it arrived it was a Lada!
We won't be leaving here, or going anywhere in the foreseeable future either as there is
a 3 year waiting list to fix my dodgy knee (but its OK - Mr Watkins can have his/her sex change operation right away!) and the resource consent fees to erect a shade cloth over our Futuro tele-transportation device (see pic above) viewing platform are so expensive we just cant afford them, and we must do that or else OSH will get in on the act and we'll never get away! In the meantime, perhaps B Stevenson could try to understanding freedom of association rather than bagging those who endeavour to offer alternatives to force and threats and encourage people to think for themselves and free their mind from the brain-numbing clutches of the state.


Blogger Rick said...

Good blogging dude.

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You hit that nail on the head

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