Tuesday, June 06, 2006

FOR SALE: Box of Socialist brains (Unused)

It does not compute with the socialists that to give something back, take LESS in the first place, or actually encourage people to do the right thing rather than PENALISE and DISCOURAGE them could actually be the solution to any particular problem. The FIRST thing that jumps into their head is ALWAYS to TAKE something away from its rightful owner or producer, as opposed to actually taking less, or giving something back.
This can be perfectly illustrated in the current government idea to place health warnings on muesli bars and fatty foods etc. What a bloody mindless exercise that is!
Where these people born in a box? - A square box - a box that denies them access to ideas or god help us THOUGHT from OUTSIDE of its structure?
It is obvious most were taught by a government run education system that produces mindless sheeple clones incapable of an original thought or coming to an innovative solution that doesnt involve the use of FORCE or THREATS, and discourages thinking outside of that box.
How on earth are they expected to come up with innovative solutions to problems such as obesity.
Here is something to think about!
How many years have there been health warning messages on packets of cigarettes?
Have they ever deterred a smoker from purchasing a pack of cigarettes? - I seriously doubt it!
What makes the mindless ones think it will work on muesli bars?
I realise they have have more time to dumb-down the population in that time, but do they seriously think it will be any incentive to eat healthier foods?
Especially with the increasing cost of meat and milk and fruit and vegetables lately
How about THIS for a clever idea! Why not take the GST (Government Slavery Tax) off all HEALTHY or un-processed foods instead - instantly making them 12.5% CHEAPER!
OOoooohhh no, can't have that!
Mindless bastards the lot of them


Blogger Oswald Bastable said...

That's a big box!- hope he got a BIG discount for buying that many!

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