Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cool Design Stuff (#1)

The COOLEST TV on the Planet

The coolest TV on the planet was designed over 37 years ago, and here it is.

The Keraclonic Sphere TV, Made in England believe it or not in 1970, by Group Systems (Keracolor.) Available in Black, White as shown above, or Woodgrain, and as a 20', 22" or 26"
Available not only on a stand as shown above, but also as a hanging model, supplied with a heavy silver chrome chain.

I do not posess one of these, but would part with my left testicle to get my hands on one!

What I DO have, and which proved to be a lot less costly, is my PYE Vidmatic 22" Nautilus Colour Television, manufactured by the PYE factory in Waihi, New Zealand in the late 1970s.
There appears to be very little information on these available even on the net, so if anybody reading this knows anything about them, drop me a line.


Blogger PC said...

"I do not posess one of these, but would part with my left testicle to get my hands on one!"

I have to say, it sort of looks somewhat like a left testicle . . .

10:36 am  
Anonymous Eric said...

Hi there, I just inherited a Vidmatic Exeter, which looks quite similar to your Nautilus but has a classy wood veneer finish. I was wondering if you knew how to tune these things (the 'Autotune' button doesn't seem to do much) or if you can run a video through them?

5:28 pm  
Blogger keracolor said...

Keracolor - Keracolour Televisions have just started to poduce a new range of TVs. They also have some originals for sale.

Web site

8:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I have one of these 20" fiberglass unfortunately I don't think it is working, have been offered £1.000 but it didn't sound too appealing . See it on Facebook pages Patsy's place

9:17 am  

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