Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Priority One - Pseudo businessmen

An article in the BOP Times stating that Priority One - a group of self-professed businessmen, subsidised by the Tauranga Ratepayers - have a large surplus of cash that they are ready to start dishing out to whomsoever they deem to be worthy of receiving some of it.
Once again, before I could draw a breath my cohort Mr Bones! had penned a letter to the editor putting them in their place, and pointing out that now they are able to generate their own cashflow, they no longer need to suck from the Tauranga council tit, whose long-suffering ratepayers have recently been hit with a 16% rates increase.

Being the passionate capitalist that I am, I'm always on the look out for imposters.
A capitalist in the philosophic & political sense is one whom advocates and champions an unfettered market economy without any intrusion by the state in the trade of goods, services, and labour.
It necessarily follows that a real capitalist (businessman) is opposed to any initiation of force, fraud, or government subsidy.
Priority One - with its fine ideals and stated desire to create a better business environment - does have a significant volunatary group of subscribers. However, while it pan-handles to the council for the ill-gotten money that belongs to the even burdened rate-payer, they have no right to claim the title of businessman - whose credo is to trade freely a value for a value.
The news that Priority One has "large surpluses of money," and that they are "looking for places to spend it" is an excellent opportunity for them to cut themselves loose from the neck of the rate-payer.
Once this is done they can get on with the business of raising their funds exclusively from those that share their vision ie people who chose with their own free will to deal, and do business with them, as opposed to bludging money stolen from the Tauranga ratepayers by the Tauranga council.
From there they can morally campaign against the over-taxing and intrusive big government and lobby for the removal of regulations that impede the growth of the better business environment that they say is their professed intention.

Billy Bones (aka Russell Watkins) - Capitalist.


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