Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What you mean "WE" Kimosabe?

Every now and again (all too infrequently I'm afraid - and not counting letters from my accomplice, Mr Billy Bones!) somebody writes an outstanding letter to the editor, and tonight was such an occasion, which I have included below. Following that is my reply - inspired by a joke posted on the most excellent blog on the bloggosphere - NotPC.
Give Ratepayers a Break
Again Tauranga City council is showing complete disregard to its ratepayers when it recently announced the building of a sports and exhibition centre adjacent to Baypark Stadium.
I have no doubt such a venue would be welcomed by the majority of ratepayers, however the idea that it is to be built and managed by the council is frightening.
This is not the core business of ANY council and such a project should only be handled by private enterprise
As a former manager of an exhibitiion centre in a north Island city I can speak with considerable expertise that it will NEVER SHOW A PROFIT unless it is privately owned as ours was.
To combine sports with exhibition use is another road to disaster as sporting codes will never meet the hire fees necessary to pay the bills.
Very few, if ANY, council run venues run at a profit, so once again ratepayers will be forced to pick up the difference.
Neville Dixon, Papamoa

My letter in reply and support to the above
Every day I read the newspaper, and almost every day I feel impelled to reply to a letter or defend my wallet, earnings or property from some interfering councillor wishing to force me to pay for a museum or art gallery or 2.8 Million dollar park upgrade or some other mindless, monument building show of force. There is always somebody saying what are "WE" going to do about it, or "WE" must get more "funding, " or "WE" have become too PC! or "WE" should ban something they don't like, when all I can say is "what do you mean 'WE' Kimosabe? (or paleface - whatever you prefer!)

Since I discovered I was not one of the sheeple, and started using my brain for "thinking with" as opposed to blindly taking for granted what government tells me is true, I have spent my time campaigning against the pc nutters and the purveyors of compulsion and the fundamentalists of force, hoping to turn on the brain of the occasional sheeple! So, what a treat it was to read the letter from Neville Dixon - I would have been proud to write that one myself! - Thank you Neville - I can't wait to read your next letter!


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