Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Breakup songs

Songs to feel miserable and commit suicide to:

My list of breakup songs (in reference to the post below)

This from NotPC and Rick Giles
For once, Rick Giles has an idea worth borrowing (who would have thunk it?). He's posted a short-list of breakup songs. I think we can do better, after all popular music has a breakup song for every mood, so here's a longer list, which still only scratches the surface:

I got a Bad liver, and a broken heart: TOM WAITS
I got a Bad liver, and a broken heart I drank me a river since you tore me apart I dont have a drinking problem except when I cant get a drink

I wanna stop:
(purchase this CD - it is a brilliant piece of work by one of the most under-rated New Zealand artists ever) I wanna stop, Ive had enough, this aint going anywhere - but nowhere

Gone for good:
MORPHINE Morphine are a little unusual in that the band has no GUITARS. 2 string SLIDE BASS guitar. Drums, and Sax. Now, I really like my guitars, but you dont even m iss it in thiss band - One of my favourite bands.
I'm never gonna dig out your picture, Im never gonna look you up someday
Life is very short. You dont love me anymore Your gone - your gone for good.

I was once sitting on top of the world - really had things in my hands, but something whent wrong and im not sure what - and now Im sitting here at home alone. People always want to give you free advice - well its something that ive always tried, but you get what you pay for thats what I say, and now Im paying and paying and paying. I lost everything I had - starting over from scratch.

No more shall we part: NICK CAVE
All the hatchets have been burried now . . ., . . . and no more shall I say, dear beautiful heart - I'm alone, and she has left me


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