Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hearse scam

Land Transport NZ is promising swift action against people avoiding car registration fees by registering their vehicles as a "non-commercial hearse."
A Christchurch woman paid just $58 (a private car is normally $183) to register her car by saying it was used to carry dead animals, which is absolutely true - she picks up frozen chickens from the supermarket every week!
Mr Knackstedt of Land Transport NZ said the LTSA planned to have a little chat with Ministry of Transport and ACC officials to see what they can do to stop people doing it.
He said "the bottom line is, they're ripping off everyone else who is paying the ACC levy in good faith and behaving honestly."

What a croc of shite! WHO is paying these extra fees in good faith?
People are paying them because they are threatened by NANNY and her bully boys the LTSA, with a bloody big STICK if they don't pay them!
You are FORCED to pay them - they are not voluntary. Mr Knackstedt says people are paying them in good faith as if they are voluntary. These are WEASEL WORDS from a state funded WEASEL!
I say go hard all you entrepreneurs out there and good luck to you! - I say you are not ripping ME off, you are ripping off the people who are RIPPING ME OFF, and THEY DON'T LIKE GETTING A DOSE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE!
I offer you my encouragement


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