Thursday, August 10, 2006

Arts Funding Lollie Scramble

This is my reply to a letter (you can read it directly after my reply) in the BOP Times tonight.
This is the kind of crap that REALLY gets my blood pressure up to boiling point.
It is quite hard to give these people the good SLAPPING they deserve in only 200 words - this is the best I could do under the circumstances - think I'll sit down, have a nice calming cup of warm milk AND A COUPLE OF VALIUM now!!!!
Big Bully scores ALL the Lollies in the Arts Funding Lollie Scramble
“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the PROBLEM” This can aptly be applied to Y. Houghton, for it is such thinking (sic) that has ratepayers around the country in the mess they’re in! I liken it to a lolly scramble at a childs party - where the biggest bullies get the most lollies. Y Houghton wants the stolen booty spent on the arts, but NOT the arts it has been designated to, while others don’t want it spent on the arts, but a stadium – and on and on goes the squabbling. You’ll NEVER get everybody to agree on what the loot should be spent on and up to 49% of the ratepayers could be unhappy with the decision, so why not give it back to those it was STOLEN FROM and let THEM decide (it’s theirs after all). That way EVERYBODY will be happy because they have spent their own money on things that are important to them. Besides, councils should’nt be dabbling in arts and entertainment ANYWAY! There are enough people out there interested in these things to fund and foster them without councils forcing those who are not! – You’re nothing more than a bunch of bullies and control freaks willing to impose your selfish wants upon others – shame on you!

. . . and THIS (more VOMITUS) from the socialists
I was gobsmacked to read "arts seek extra $850,000 (BOP Times Aug 2) I wonder at the insensitivity or arrogance of this group of art enthusiasts.
I agree in part to the request, but isnt the request a bit retrospective?
If there was so much support for a new art gallery why are more funds required to develop an additional arts facility? Surely these initiatives should have been presented in conjunction with the new art gallery proposal. Developing an art gallery trail at a cost of $180,000 would have been a much cheaper interim measure to the construction of a gallery. The new gallery has thwarted the development of a combined Tauranga community art, heritage entertainment centre which would satisfy a broader section of the community. Until councillors can consolidate the dreams of all lobby groups into one community wishpool, monies desperately needed to develop basic city infrastructure ie roading, transport, sewerage etc will be whittled away.
Please could Tauranga City Council stop this ad-hoc appeasement of the loudest groups and focus on the combined cultural needs of the community
Y Houghton, Tauranga.


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