Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cigarettes, Drugs and Chocolate

I read an interesting newspaper clipping from the New York Times, posted on Lindsey Mitchells blog recently.
It inspired me to write the following article - a subject that continually annoys me

People deal in drugs because there is a large profit to be made!
WHY is there a large profit to be made?
Because they are illegal, and their price is ARTIFICIALLY INFLATED due to the problems and dangers in getting them into the country, distributing and selling them, and hiding them from the LAW.
The REAL price of these drugs is so SMALL that without government interference, there would be such a tiny amount of profit to be made, it would be a waste of time being a DRUG DEALER - there would be more profit to be made selling ORANGES on the side of the road! This same argument can be applied to TOBACCO! - have you noticed how many servos and dairies are the target of armed robbers lately - their target being CIGARETTES! WHY?
Because cigarettes are expensive! WHY?
Because of the artificially high price due to the insane amount of TAX put on them by the government to discourage people who CHOSE to smoke from doing so!

SO, what we have is this:

• People who chose to smoke, and KNOW the risks are penalised by the government.

• People who chose to smoke, but cannot afford to because the artificially inflated prices are forced into criminal acts (armed robbery) to continue their habit.

• If cigarettes were not so expensive, they would be able to be personally responsible for their health costs by having medical insurance.

• Those who have private health insurance are penalised again in higher premiums.
This is all because as we are forced to fund the welfare state. The ill health of smokers is a drain on that resource, so by placing high taxes on tobacco products, they can recover the cost of the medical expenses they incurr.

All the afore-mentioned people are UNHAPPY with government, their unjust laws and the high taxes

This is all well and good you may say, but remember - these are individuals that CHOSE of their own FREE WILL to participate in these actions.

HERE are the consequences of the government interfering in the lives and liberties of the individual:

Completely INNOCENT workers and business people - corner shop owners, petrol station attendants, families and children - have their lives put at risk every day because of govt trying to stop other people from harming THEMSELVES (smoking!)
Where is the justice in THAT?

People chosing NOT to smoke (or do drugs - it's the very same argument) on a daily basis are held up at knife and gunpoint by CRIMINALS wanting cigarettes (or cash to buy drugs)

Here is the REALLY important thing:

People commit crimes because the WANT drugs, not because they are ON drugs.

Most cigarette smokers would be more than happy to sit at home with a cup of tea and have a quiet cigarette, rather than have to go on an ARMED ROBBERY to get the smokes first!
Most people who do drugs would rather sit at home and quietly get smashed and listen to music rather than have to go out and commit ARMED ROBBERY to get the cash to purchase the drugs first!

INNOCENT people are being PUNISHED in DIRECT RELATION to laws made by government.
These people have done nothing wrong! Where is the justice in THAT? ALL of these innocent people are ALSO unhappy with Government - as their lives and livelihood are put at risk DIRECTLY due to government rules and laws.

The Solution: Remove the taxes from tobacco, and legalise ALL drugs Let the people who CHOSE to participate in these things do so. Parents, Schools, and voluntary organisations could, and should be educating people on the REAL consequences of drug and substance abuse, and the need for personal responsibility, should they chose to continue the habit.

All these people will be happy with the government for returning their freedom of choice.

Watch the decrease in petty burglaries and petrol station hold-ups.

All the INNOCENT people will be happy with government because they have had the TARGET removed from their chest

. . . That is untill the government do the same with CHOCOLATE!

I can see it now - gangs of schoolchildren parking their peddle cars outside the petrol station, wearing their Zorro and Batman masks, going on armed holdup raids armed with their water pistols, and making away with schoolbags full of Crunchie and Mars bars.

or even WORSE - a gaggle of GRANNIES walking in to the local corner shop, and beating the shopkeeper to death with their handbags and umbrellas to get their FIX of chocolate almonds.

Don't laugh - it's not funny! - and it's going to happen -

if you let it!


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