Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baby Slings

My wife Holly is very clever!

She makes these Baby Slings in her spare time, and I must say they are fantastic things for carrying your baby or toddler in.

They are great for carrying the baby when you have other things to do, as you have both hands free.

They are great to take with you if you go for a walk, and your toddler suddenly decides he/she has had enough, and wants to be carried, or if you go to a concert, or even just the supermarket - you can carry up to a 5-6 year old on your back with these things.

They are great for breast-feeding mothers, as the baby can feed in there without anybody even knowing.

They are the very best thing for newborn babies as they are snuggled in nice and cosy against mum or dad, and you can keep your eye on them as opposed to clumsy back packs etc.

They come in a whole range of colours, and she makes them to order. They are fully adjustable to suit your height or size.

Earthbaby Baby Slings - the best way to wear your baby

You can contact Holly by replying to this post, or at:

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Blogger Southern Gent said...

What a Great Idea Graham, sorry I mean Holly.
We paid Several Hundred dollars for a back pack thingy from the Katmandu shop.
Have you tried marketing them through TradeMe?
What baby weight would they be good for?

6:21 pm  
Blogger The Tomahawk Kid said...

I must say, they really are fantastic - especially if you go out for a walk - to a market, or a sports game! - Anywhere that junior may decide he's had enough of walking - These things fold up to the size of a T-shirt, and fit in mums bag. I have carried a 4/5 year old on my back in one of these. They sell for only $50nz

8:14 am  

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