Monday, September 11, 2006

A Few More Tobacco Facts

In the Bay of Plenty Times on Monday 11th September, there was an article in the Healthy Living section headed up Tobacco Facts 2005. They missed out a few very IMPORTANT ones, so I thought I would add them here just to set the record straight. (this from a NON smoker)
1. Despite huge taxes on tobacco to attempt to stop people doing what they chose with their own bodies, one in every two Maori STILL chose to smoke! (Those price increases sure do work eh?)
2. Despite, and to the detriment of their health, income, and the livelihood of their dependents, people on low incomes, and beneficiaries STILL chose to purchase cigarettes despite outrageous government taxes! (I get it! They put cigarettes up, so they get more of their benefits back again! - and I thought they were supposed to be CLOSING the gaps!)

3. Despite being totally innocent, the lives and livelihood of numerouse private businesses in the Tauranga area alone have been destroyed by thieves who have broken into, or held them up with firearms to steal tobacco "soleley due to exhorbitant government taxes. (victims penalised again)

4. People in lower socio-economic groups still have the highest number of smokers! (Oh, so it’s NOT the COST of cigarettes that stops people from smoking - it is their ability to use their brain to THINK, or process the information they receive. So tell me, why do they KEEP putting the PRICES UP?) People who have lots of money are intelligent because they chose not to smoke, while those who DONT have much money are stupid and smoke more - Is that what the stats say?

5. People who want to smoke, will still smoke no matter how expensive they , WHAT the government thinks about it, or how much money the government rape from them in tax. (read your history books! - Prohibition never did, and never WILL work - ie the booze ban in the 20's and marijuana prohibition and the senseless WAR ON DRUGS TODAY)
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and again, but expecting a different result!s! The lunatics have taken over the asylum!


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