Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Kidney Is Going To HELL

I came across a site the other day quite by chance - it was from a link relating to a post on the NotPC Blog.

Anyway, I read the the funniest article that made me laugh and laugh.

I was so inspired by the stupidity of the situation that I wrote a song about it.

First check out the story but WAIT! - If you are a particularly religious persuasion STOP RIGHT THERE! - unless you have a sense of humour that is.

The song is entitled
My Kidney is Going to HELL
It is a bit of a country feel much in the vein of "Hot Rod Lincoln," or the Hoodu Gurus song "Hayride To Hell."

Here it is!

Well A good samaritan Tupelo girl
Aleta Smith, was all awhirl
a self described on fire christian
gave her kidney to a teacher, needin fixin'

Hannah Felks was the teacher in question
who needed the kidney that we mention
She looked Aleta squarely in the eye
and said without a kidney I’m surely gonna die

Now as she had two, Smith could afford

To help a sister in the lord
So off she whent to her grandfathers chest
And gave her a kidney of the very very best

Now after she found she was in remission
Hannah embarked on a spiritual mission
and left christianity on the shelf
to find the truth out for herself

When Smith found out she was not amused
about how her kidney was being abused
so she got on the phone and tried to talk her round
to reconvert on any grounds

And return the organ to its previous shell
cos I dont want my kidney going to hell
It was donated under false pretenses
an espresso had robbed me of my senses

But Hannah had become quite attached To the kidney
is what she told aleta on the phone from Sydney
I feel a little sad for Aleta
Is what she told her in a letter

But now a kidneys not like a common old liver
And I dont mean to be no Indian giver
Im praying that youll give it back again
It belongs to the lord - It'll never be Pagan


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