Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Good radio

Libertarian Lindsay Perigo and Maori activist Willie Jackson are on Radio Live together for two weeks. As co-hosts. I can see the steam coming out of the studio from here.

Tune in from midday until 3pm

LINK: Radio Live

I tuned in on Tuesday, and predict it will be the LONGEST, HARDEST weeks WORK Mr Perigo would have done in a very long time!

I was EXHAUSTED after only a short period of listening to them at each others throats.

Willie Jackson has a red hammer and sicle tattooed on his FOREHEAD, and I cant listen to HIM for too long (not to mention his off-key singing during the intro! although I'm sure Willie would debate THAT AS WELL)

If Mr Perigo wanted a challenge then he sure has got it being plunged into this particular left-worshipping time-slot.


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