Monday, December 11, 2006

4 Weeks compulsory Annual Leave

Fairly recently, the government brought in a new bill which gives all company employees an extra weeks holiday. It is now compulsory for every worker to be given 4 weeks annual leave as opposed to 3. Previously, after serving I think it was 8 years, you qualified for an extra weeks leave, but now the government has made it compulsory.

Companies with a large staff, now have to find thousands of dollars extra - for no productive work - to pay their staff at holiday time.

A large company I am aware of in Tauranga are fighting back against this unjust new imposition on their livelihood.
The union are negotiating with this employer for him to apply these new demands, and because of this, He is now re-negotiating all contracts as they come up for renewall. His new terms are:
A 7-day week roster instead of 5 days. ( so instead of having Saturday and Sunday off, you may be required to work say Wednesday to Sunday - no penal rates or other allowances
No Overtime rates.
No shift allowance.
Reduced sick leave.

The staff at this company are SPEWING! - Staff Moral is at an all-time low, and I would be a most unpleasant place to work at I am sure!.

Even the staff who are not members of the union are suffering .

Instead of being able to reward productive, or loyal or deserving staff members as he sees fit, the employer is FORCED to reward ALL employees the same.

Due to the strain placed oh his finances he is unable to do this now, and as he has done in the past.

Several non-union members have asked for pay rises, and they have been turned down until negotiations with the union have been sorted out.

But who can blame the employer?

I don't!

His had has been forced by the government interfering in how he runs his business.

He is taking measures to recoup the EXTRA money he has been forced to pay out - who knows - these extra demands on his income may place his business in a sink or swim situation.

It is not like it is a small amount either - his wage bill would add up to thousands.

This particular employer has been in business for many years and is well known to be a very fair and great boss, and these things appear to me to be way out of character for him.

All I can say is that I am on his side - and good on him.

Unfortunately he probably doesn't see it the same way as I do, and probably puts the blame on the unions, or something.
The staff members are all pissed off with their employer, blaming him, and telling all their friends and relatives what an ogre and bad employer he is. They all feel very angry that he can treat his workers so poorly. The staunch labour lefties are blaming the capitalist bastards and big business.
The blame is being fired around left right and centre, and the REAL perpetrators of the crime ARE GETTING OFF SCOTT FREE


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