Thursday, November 30, 2006

Continuing saga of the museum

Mary Brook is another pro museum author of letters to the BOP Times. She recently called a Mr Ogle a phillistine for not wanting a museum. I in turn called HER a philistine for calling for the most uncivilised action known to man to be used upon Mr ogle - the use of force and threats in the form of fines and imprisonment. She has since replied saying she did not call for the use of fines and imprisonment in her letter.

Here is my reply to her.

The friction generated by two (or preferably more) braincells moving and rubbing together is what makes the energy that creates what is known as THOUGHT! Mary Brooks braincells definitely need to jump and move around a bit more if she is unable to work out the consequences of what she proposes! Should that particular act not be possible for her I guess I shall have to explain those consequences to her, and all the other touters of compulsion out there who would use force to get their way. Mary Brook wants the council to use force on Ross Ogle (and all those not in favour of a ratepayer funded museum) to pay for her museum. Should Mr Ogle refuse to submit to the demands made upon him by the council at her behest, he would be fined. Should he refuse to pay the fine, he could be imprisoned. So Yes Mary - you DID say those things that you deny! Furthermore, if Mary Brooks is the gentile English lady that a gentleman insists she is, then it is unbecoming of her to advocate the use force and threats (via the council or anybody) - like a schoolyard bully - to get her way?

Now I personally would LOVE a museum - what I have a problem with is the MORONIC, mindless council minions and thoughtless, principle-less public DEMANDING that ratepayers be forced to pay for it.

Apparently of all the artifacts the council have stored, and pay $50,000 a year to store away, only 3% would be actually DISPLAYED in this new $21 million dollar museum anyway, so the ratepayers will STILL be paying for the storage on TOP of for the COST of the museum, and ON TOP of how much it LOSES every year.



Blogger Lindsay said...

Why is it so difficult to grasp this simple concept? I am astonished at people who generally rail against govt misuse of our money (eg Larry Williams NewstalkZB) who swiftly suffer an attack of amnesia when it comes to their own pets eg rugby stadiums

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