Thursday, April 26, 2007

Community Spirit

A TV documentary recently stated that the RSA’s around the country were built with fundraising and voluntary labour.

It showed swarms of men painting, building and digging. This willingness to better themselves and their community is what became known as community spirit, the concept of which is now almost extinct - killed off by councillors, bureacrats and those who feel they have a right to other peoples money!

To get things done now, all one has to do is show a “need” and then hassle the council for a share of money that they have taken by force from ratepayers. WOW - how easy! - just think of all the sweat and labour you save! - Sure beats working!

While everyone’s busy defending animal and environmental rights, we the humans, are slowly having ours whittled away bit-at-a-time - albeit inadvertantly - by the do-gooders
Save community spirit NOW, (before it’s completely extinct) All you have to do is stop demanding the COUNCIL (and Government) do things for you or on your behalf.
Remember - council don’t have ANYTHING!
For council to GIVE, they must first TAKE AWAY (which is something they have become pretty good at I may add!) and most of them dont give a MONKEYS how or who they take it from so long as they get their name on the brass plaque


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