Monday, May 14, 2007

Baywave Pool - Council (ratepayer) Funded

Recently - in the last couple of years - the Tauranga City Council built a large, multi-million dollar aquatic centre at Mount Maunganui called Baywave, sporting state of the art facilities, wave pool, gymn etc etc.
The entry fee to this pool is I believe about $5. The actual COST per user is about $12. The ratepayers subsidise each entry fee over 50%.

Not content with THIS, a bunch of local women have started COMPLAINING about the cost of entry, and want the council to make it CHEAPER - what the hell - Why not rob a few more bucks of each ratepayer and make it FREE I say!

Here is my letter to the editor regarding the situation.


Some people just DONT GET IT! Dont they realise that somebody somewhere MUST PAY - or perhaps they just don’t care as long as it’s not THEM! If council reduce entry fees to Baywave, it means RATEPAYERS have to pay MORE to cover the shortfall. If you’re NOT a ratepayer, and use the pool, you get to use first class facilities at a subsidised, albeit unrealistic fee. If you’re a ratepayer and use the pool, you get the privilege of paying TWICE (whether you like it or not!), and if you’re a ratepayer and DONT use the pool, you’re forced to pay for something you dont want anyway!

Those who have contributed LESS, with the LEAST responsibility get the biggest benefits, (all the while screaming for MORE,) while those with the biggest responsibilities get the LEAST - yes, thats about right! - That sums up socialism for you! - yet some think they have the RIGHT to cheap entry fees, and to hell with who REALLY has to pay - and are most indignant that they should have to pay for the privilege.
Who do they think actually pays for the pool to run? Maybe one of those nice councillors reached behind their ear and pulled it out of thin air! Don’t forget - council have NOTHING! The more you demand they GIVE YOU, the MORE they must FORCE others to PAY.


Now, what is ALSO annoying about this is that a PRIVATE INVESTOR/Entrepreneur had purchased land at Mt Maunganui with the intention of building an aquatic centre and pool complex - Im sure it was front page news at the time - , but was so held up and put off by the local council with all the red tape, fees and consents and the RMA etc (not to mention that the mayor at the time, jan Beange, had already decided SHE wanted HER name on the brass plaque on the entry of the complex,) that he didnt go ahead with it.
This would have been t NO EXPENSE to the ratepayers - only those who used the facility, whether it ran at a profit or at a loss.

NOW, it runs at a loss, and is sponsored by all the ratepayers, AND costs them EVEN MORE in wages and beauracracy for all the extra time and trouble councillors spend discussing and debating the issue.

What a WASTE!


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